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How To Buy An Ideal PP Woven Tote Bag?

Cangnan Bayi Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

How to buy an ideal PP Woven Tote Bag?
How can we choose a suitable for their own business PP Woven Tote Bag used to do promotions and advertising? In general, the purchase of an ideal PP Woven Tote Bag should be considered from the following three points:
1, the advertising effect factors, a PP Woven Tote Bag life, design layout, the details of the quality of the quality of the direct impact of the user's advertising on the company and the brand image of the view, this type of advertising PP Woven Tote Bag is a High quality mobile billboards.
2, the cost of enterprises, PP Woven Tote Bag due to materials, printing, lathe and other reasons, the quality is also high, medium and low-grade points, a film material friends, embossed material, laser film, Silk screen, and so many processes, so the price is also high, medium and low points.
3, product matching factors, PP Woven Tote Bag style, fabric, color With the market needs more and more rich, choose more and more, how to choose their own products, style, color, process is very important, cartoon models Of the bag can not be used to install mature products, bright colors can not be used to package the seriousness of the finished product, chemical class can not be packaged food and other considerations.
In our daily life, a large part of people in the use of PP Woven Tote Bag, will have a question. PP Woven Tote Bag can not be cleaned after use? Even after the wash will not have any bad effect on the bag? In fact, I want to say is that there can be such a question, is a very good performance. To prove that the PP Woven Tote Bag user's environmental awareness is still strong. If people say that after the use of the bag, dirty to throw, then only that this person's environmental awareness has yet to be strengthened. So, some people have such a question is very normal. The PP Woven Tote Bag is environmentally friendly products, and the general plastic bags also have a certain common. That is, PP Woven Tote Bag material is made of plastic particles made of non-woven fabric made of bags. The difference is that the use of life is not the same. If used incorrectly, will lead to PP Woven Tote Bag life greatly reduced. Therefore, in the use of the process, even a small PP Woven Tote Bag, but also need to maintain. So as to extend its service life.
In order to extend the service life of PP Woven Tote Bag, Xiao Bian in this to provide you with several daily maintenance of a simple method.
1, to avoid the direct shelter in the sun, pay attention to the PP Woven Tote Bag placed in a cool dry indoor environment.
2, can not put any corrosive things come into contact with PP Woven Tote Bag.
3, in the use of the process, can not exceed the standard load of the bag.
4, after use, please put the bag according to the default when the production line folded good.
5, if dirty, in the cleaning process, try to avoid the use of detergent washing.
6, if there is difficult to wash the dirty, to use the detergent, then try to use detergent without detergent detergent.
7, in the use of the process, do not load sharp items.
If in the course of our use, please follow these methods to restrain yourself, I believe that regardless of which PP Woven Tote Bag can extend its life.
PP Woven Tote Bag can be recycled several times, wear and waterproof performance than the paper bag to be strong, paper bags can not be recycled several times but the price will be higher than the non-woven bags, non-woven bags can be used after repeated use To a very good advertising efficiency, and low prices. Non-woven bags after recycling is easy to break down, the existence of plastic limit can completely reflect the PP Woven Tote Bag huge living space, its easy to break down can reduce environmental pollution, but also greatly reduce the use of plastic bags, and Paper bag production will waste a lot of forest resources, and afforestation is contrary to the road.

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