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And You Talk About The Advantages Of PP Woven Bags And Design Instructions

Cangnan Bayi Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

And you talk about the advantages of PP Woven Bags and design instructions
PP Woven Bag manufacturers and you talk about the advantages and design of PP Woven Bags, we are in the shopping time, are generally recommended to use PP Woven Bags, but many people worry that its performance is not good enough, like in the dress items , This is prone to rupture, this is more inconvenient, but we know that, for the PP Woven Bag, its performance is very ******, and in many cases, the advantages are very much, Today Xiaobian and we talk about in the PP Woven Bag in general what kind of advantages, one is the ventilation, if the people through the canvas shoes know that its permeability is very good, because it's fabric The gap is relatively large, so that if we use it to dress food, it is actually very convenient, because there will not be corruption, followed by its quality, we know that, in general, it is Very easy to damage, because although it is not flexible,
But the fabric is strong enough, if you use a lot of power to tear, then, in fact, there will be no rupture of the situation, *** is from its cost, it is relatively low, can achieve high-volume production , If you can replace the plastic bag, then, is also very environmentally friendly. Now the era is the value of the spot in power, even in the production of PP Woven Bag above, we also need to meet the aesthetic needs, because people tend to be attracted by some good things, then if our PP Woven Bags can be beautiful Very good words, then the degree of popularity is certainly very large, and today Xiaobian and we talk about the design of PP Woven Bags, the general need to pay attention to what the problem is the first choice in the color above, and now a lot of PP Woven Bag looks like a walking ad paper,
In the beauty is certainly not work, we must pay attention to the color above the coordination, can improve the appearance of the effect, followed by the product above the publicity, since already in the above advertising, then no effect, then certainly not , So we must gather in the top of the product must be the core of the product, you can directly use the product icon, this is a simple and straightforward way, but the effect is not underestimated, *** is in the performance above, We focus on the appearance of the words, ignore their use in the performance of the play, then it is a flashy product.
PP Woven Bag manufacturers are made of environmentally friendly polypropylene raw materials made of non-woven bags, from the name of the environmental protection bags, non-woven bags. Since the promulgation of plastic, PP Woven Bags instead of plastic bags are widely used in daily life, together also Greatly reduce the global environment of the "white pollution"!
PP Woven Bag factory direct PP Woven Bag is a green products, can be reused, washing, with tough through, handsome in appearance, inexpensive features; widely used in the company's advertising, supermarkets, shopping malls shopping bags, As well as government agencies, public welfare to promote the use of gifts.This makes a fine PP Woven Bag played an invisible wide range of publicity benefits, so that the use of PP Woven Bags and alternative more and more popular!
PP Woven Bag of raw materials polypropylene, the information placed in the outdoor 90 days can be completely natural differentiation, while the indoor life of up to five years, and then reduce environmental pollution, is recognized as the world's ecological environment of environmentally friendly products. Information Polyethylene has a strong and stable stability, difficult to resolve, for a long time to form a severe soil pollution and air pollution, together constitute a threat to biological livelihood, as well as the impact of land sustainable development and agricultural development.
PP Woven Bag with the standard: the length of the bag can be tailored according to the customer's request, a single default standard, width: 2.5cm, length 45cm.PP Woven Bag Price: detailed price according to raw materials, printing the number of colors Times), the thickness of the bag size and customer orders for a single order, such as the number of PP Woven Bags may be.

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